We’re your ultimate Metaverse Enabler:

Bridging the Metaverse with real-world businesses and users

Welcome to Vilab!

We create infrastructures to help you tap into the Metaverse, with the help of virtual spaces, IPs in the 3D world and ongoing quality R&D.

Metaverse Infrastructure Buildup


Built on Unity 3D, featuring multi-user system with fiat and blockchain integration.

Metaverse Content Creator


Create content in the metaverse & host large-scale virtual events, focusing on I.P and user acquisitions.

Virtual Identity

Avatar creation

Create your own virtual identity in the virtual world! We believe in its importance and are developing / researching solutions.


Better Port

From Better Port’s First Virtual Airport, travel to and explore unprecedented virtual destinations in Betterverse. Embark on brand new adventures and travel experience.