We have been building a new concept of 3D unity - Betterverse, personalised metaverse avatars and a community-driven platform -BetterArena. If you have the vision of creating a decentralised virtual space for your brand or company and offering immersive physical and digital experiences converge, we are here to help.

Our Partners

Smart Up Incubator
Incubator & Advisor

Pantheon Lab

Gulliver Studios


Subsidiary of Kopin Corporation (Nasdaq), is dedicated to developing smart glasses, R&D development on VR glasses in Metaverse.

Our Advisory Team

Introducing our expertise and partners.

Ir Daniel Lai, BBS, JP

Director Digital Technology and Consultancy Limited

Henry Yu

Legal Advisor Legal Service Sector

Nelson Ying

Director China Enterprise Financial Holdings

Yasutaka Hirao

Advisor Musical Industry & Blockchain Sector in Japan

Terry Shiraishi

Dedicate in Marketing of Cutting Edge Technology in IoT & AI Industry

Better Port

From Better Port’s First Virtual Airport, travel to and explore unprecedented virtual destinations in Betterverse. Embark on brand new adventures and travel experience.